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AP Teacher Training Institute offers a wide range of teachers training courses, keeping in mind the need of all teachers. We help teachers qualify for an international teaching career and get acquainted with the latest teaching methodologies and strategies to teach worldwide.

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International TEFL Canada is a globally recognized TEFL body providing certifications, associations and memberships for TEFL or TESOL candidates across the globe. Our organization comprises of people with decades of experience in the ESL field and had taught across the globe. We continue to bring together expertise on the subject in order to give candidates the best in the ESL teaching world. AP Teacher Training Institute is a proud to be an institutional partner of this organization in providing globally recognized TEFL Course.

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Why Aspiring Professional Teachers Training Institute (APTTI)

Aspiring Professional Teachers Training Institute is a premium international teachers training organization with an extensive range of courses for teachers. The international standards of online teacher training courses are developed by qualified academicians with years of experience.  We have our academic mentors from across the world and presence in Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

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Teaching certificates by AP Teacher Training Institute can help teachers get better teaching opportunities. We make sure our students learn from the best and enhance their skills during the process. We as an organization believe that better teachers make better futures thus we make sure your training is comprehensive and beneficial.

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Course Dates for 2018

Join us for new TEFL courses in Surabaya http://www.teflindonesia.com
Contact https://twitter.com/TeflIndo

Apply for the course date best suited for you

    Surabaya, East Java
  • USD 1,790 (excluding accommodation)
  • Accommodation: USD 200 – USD 300

TEFL Indonesia 2018 Course Dates

  • June 4 to 29
  • July 2 to 27
  • August 6 to 31
  • September 3 to 28
  • October 1 to 26
  • November 5 to 30

December   no course














TEFL Indonesia:

Teacher-training program in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Get certified and teach English. Teach English and see the world

TESOL Course Indonesia (Surabaya)

Why join our TESOL Course Indonesia?

Located right in Surabaya and a few hours’ drive from some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world, our TESOL Course Indonesia center is, if not in paradise, at least next door to it. With a wide variety of social and cultural activities, water sports and other activities, vibrant nightlife, delectable Indonesian cuisine, friendly people and close proximity to an abundance of teaching opportunities, Surabaya (and surrounding areas) is sure to have what you are looking for in a learning location.

Why join our TESOL Course Indonesia?

Located right in Surabaya and a few hours’ drive from some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world, our TESOL Course Indonesia center is, if not in paradise, at least next door to it. With a wide variety of social and cultural activities, water sports and other activities, vibrant nightlife, delectable Indonesian cuisine, friendly people and close proximity to an abundance of teaching opportunities, Surabaya (and surrounding areas) is sure to have what you are looking for in a learning location.


Historic Surabaya.


 Surabaya is an ancient city, with a rich history. It’s a tale that has been written in the blood, hopes, and accomplishments of the amazing people who have lived here. From the rich tapestry of Javanese culture to the vibrant Madurese impact, and on to the interweaving of Indian, Arabic and Chinese cultures … Surabaya has always been a meeting place for imagination and destiny. A major shipping center, a transit port, and an international gateway … Indonesia’s second-largest city,  the capital of East Java, has a rich history and an exciting present waiting to be discovered. From poets to princes; from revolutionaries to teachers; Surabaya is truly the City of Heroes.


A few hours from some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Near a thriving nightlife scene and plenty of restaurants, shops, and other activities. Empower yourself to live, travel and work in the land of amazing grace and beauty.

• Close proximity to some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

• Near a thriving nightlife scene and plenty of restaurants, shops, and other activities.

• Live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and be central to a lot of places like Bali, Jakarta, and Kalimantan (Borneo).

• Administered by highly trained staff with extensive knowledge of Surabaya and surrounding areas.

• Immerse yourself in an inviting, friendly culture while gaining the experience and knowledge that will enable you to live and work abroad for years to come. Empower yourself to live, travel and work in the land of amazing grace and beauty.


• Your fellow students come from many countries on many continents.

• Your teacher trainers are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry.

• Your support staff is extremely helpful, courteous and will assist you with whatever you need.

• The locals are peaceful, friendly people who generally like spending time with foreigners.


• Fill out an application form and take that next step towards learning within the big city buzz and excitement of Surabaya.

Fees for TEFL Course

• $1,790 (including Text and portfolio, but not accommodation)

Join the TESOL Course Surabaya. You’ll work hard, and you’ll be prepared to Teach English Abroad.

Note: Local circumstances and extras may change without notice. This TEFL International Course is conducted by a separate company working as a subcontractor of TEFL International and is not a non-profit organization.













New Courses for 2018

Join us for new TEFL courses in Surabaya http://www.teflindonesia.com

Contact https://twitter.com/TeflIndo

Apply for the course date best suited for you

    • Surabaya, East Java
  • USD 1,790 (excluding accommodation)
  • Accommodation: USD 250 – USD 400

TEFL Indonesia 2018 Course Dates

  • June 4 to 29
  • July 2 to 27
  • August 6 to 31
  • September 3 to 28
  • October 1 to 26
  • November 5 to 30

December   no course

Please contact us with any more questions

Following courses for 2018 to be announced






















Nightlife, attractions and distractions


Attractions and distractions


Much of this was posted on our original site, and we are working to update things.


Ever wonder what’s happening at night in Surabaya

Here’s where to find out about the nightlife in Indonesia’s second largest city.

In the present
Check out videos of East Java.
Check out the restaurant scene in Java of East Java’s culinary gems, and other marvels

This page is a list of possibilities and perils

That being said … Enjoy

Learn more about your TEFL certificate

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· Join TEFL Indonesia on Facebook
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· TEFL Indonesia on Video:
· Job Info
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· Detailed information about the course


A plethora of bars, night clubs and discos await the visitor

A potpourri of diversions and distractions are available

“If you don’t keep your s— wired tight at all-times, I guaran G–D— tee you a trip home in a body bag.”

Sgt. Barnes in Oliver Stone’s Platoon

You can go to the movies. There are a lot of theaters in Surabaya. The better ones, best to read that as cleaner and safer, are the Mitra 21 chain. The three best are now at Ciputra World(on Mayjen Sungkono), SUTO’s(Surabaya Town Square and PTC(Pakuwon Trade Center), part of the aptly named SuperMal(no that’s not a typo), next is the Galaxy Mall, then on to the Tunjunang Plaza.

For more active entertainment Surabaya is home to many nightclubs, disco, pubs and Karaoke bars.

Most of the bars have live bands. The music is okay. The musicians are good, as are the singers. Rock on.
The volume may be a concern.

Other venues for high noise levels are shopping malls, especially Surabaya (formally Delta) Plaza on Jalan Pemuda.


Foreplay Surabaya Town Square, 1st Level Unit 118
Nightclub, Pub
Combinations of live bands, dancers, and DJs.

Eclectic Pub & Lounge
Surabaya Town Square, Level P-19
(Jl. Adityawarman No. 55), Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60264, Indonesia
Pub, Wine Bar, Lounge

Colors Pub on Jalan Sumatra The food’s good, and beer is cheap and it’s cold. The band is usually a bit loud and the service is good.

Lido’s is on Mayjen Sungkono, across from the Happy Puppy Karaoke and next to the Kodak photo studio. The music is good and the food is quite good.

The Tavern in the Hotel Bumi(formerly the Hyatt) Good food, usually a decent band.
A lot of unattached ladies.

The bar at the Elmi Hotel
Bring a jacket or sweater. It’s quite cool due to an over-active AC.
The Elmi also has one of the nicer swimming pools in Surabaya.

Discos and Nightclubs

(Truthfully, I don’t know the difference)

Jimmy’s in the Mariott (formerly the Westin) Hotel.

It’s a bit pricey with a Rp 50,000 cover charge, but the band and the young crowd made for a good night out.

Desperados A Mexican restaurant and nightclub in the Shangri-La Hotel JL. May. Jend. Sungkono 120 Surabaya 60256 Indonesia T: (62 31) 566 1550 F: (62 31) 566 1570

Portofino’s is an Italian restaurant(which hosts a Sunday martini brunch) Hours Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10.30pm Sunday Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm in the Shangri-La Hotel

JAMOO is the hotel’s all-day cafe and restaurant. Enjoy Asian and Continental dishes in the restaurant’s sleekly designed dining room or out on the outdoor terrace. The showcase buffets include a variety of antipasti, sushi, a hot pot and noodles section, a Chinese wok station, and an extensive array of dessert specialities such as Ice Cream Teppanyaki, a flowing chocolate fountain and, a variety of traditional Jamu choices in the Shangri-La Hotel

Kowloon’s On the fourth floor, in the parking garage of Delta Plaza


The Rocks

Jln.HR Muhammad

Open everyday 1:00pm

A good selection of Western and Indonesian food in a very modern and comfortable setting

Good beer

Beer, and mixed drinks

A fish pond with the biggest catfish you’ll ever see

Seating indoors and outdoors

Served hot at affordable prices


Jl Darmo Permai Selatan V/16 (031)7312709 Chinese and Seafood

Food Court 5th floor Tunjunang Plaza A variety of Indonesian and Western fast food.

Pizza Hut in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, PTC, right on Maygen Sungkono

McDonald’s in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, right on Mayjen Sungkono, and at Delta Plaza

KFC in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, and Delta Plaza

Malay Village in PTC and Suto’s
Great food, and a good place to get vegetarian dishes.

Cafe Pisa near Hartono Electric, just after Papaya supermarket on the way to Supermal/PTC

Excelso’s (Coffee bar and cafe)

Serves decent snack food, including club sandwiches.
Image source
They have great coffee, and darn good ice-cream.
Try the Pearl tea!
Beer is reasonably priced and cold. Located in Suto’s(Surabaya Town Square) PTC(the Supermal)Tunjunang Plaza, Ciputra World, Galaxy Mall, and Delta Plaza.

Guilin Restaurant
Serving Authentic Chinese and Sea Food
One of the nicer restaurants in Surabaya. A quiet, pleasant place with a nice range of well-prepared Chinese and Seafood dishes. Located at #34 Jl. Musi. (next to Gelora Pancasila)

Studio Food Court Near Cinema in PTC/Supermal/Pakuwon Indah. A variety of Indonesian and Western fast food.

G-Walk near Citraland.
More a selection of places strung along a pleasant street.

You’ll find many things to enjoy about this place. Just use your head.

I have lived here since 1996 because I love this place and its people. Indonesians are generous, warm and intelligent people.Any society has it’s dark side. This page represents a hint of that duality.

Proceed carefully.


Be Aware, be safe.


If you have any questions or comments, email TEFL Indonesia
If you want to be listed, contact TEFL.

You will see the information around as it has been liberally borrowed for use on other sites.  C’est la vie.

An important note from the management:

This page is a list of possibilities and perils. Please view this as equal parts caveat and endorsement.

That being said … Enjoy

Annoyances … things that make you go grrrrrrr

STOP ! Before YOU read any further Accept that sections of this one page are not a flattering, nor a complete, portrayal of Surabaya. It does not, nor is it meant to; reflect the entirety of Indonesian society. I have lived here for a few years because I love this place and its people. Indonesians are generous, warm and intelligent people. Any society has its dark side. This page represents a hint of that duality.

You will always be judged by a different standard.

You are living in a fish bowl.

Accept it, and act accordingly.

Now listen closely Sparky; this is a foreign country. If you go to jail, don’t expect your family lawyer, your mommy or the A-TEAM to come riding to your rescue.

Enjoy yourself, just be careful. Be Aware, be safe. Taxis are the best way to travel. Bluebird Taxi, Oreng Taxi and Silver taxi are your best choices Ride-sharing services exist in the major cities. Grab, Uber and Gojek. Add the apps to your phone once you arrive in Indonesia

Add the apps to your phone once you arrive in Indonesia

I like this place, but just use your head.

If you have any questions or comments, email me. If you want to be listed, contact me. If you have a concern about my opinion: contact me, or change my view with good service.
















TEFL Indonesia Gallery

1557430_912353222118353_116533958904343108_nindomap10400135_88703994529_5112890_n581368_10151520857504530_1042405580_n409239_10150494924654530_124402728_n408717_10150494922719530_2075739707_n408586_10150494878914530_1814729148_n406631_10150494928549530_1979114201_n405116_10150494927844530_1467290743_n405045_10150494927204530_1349788602_n402941_10150494926914530_31332941_n392575_10150494915344530_79409277_n392601_10150494927049530_1234504756_n393391_10150494859059530_1909585514_n394012_10150494928609530_1250579315_n399315_10150494927729530_1925645643_n402530_10150494928164530_1659669836_n387603_10150494926679530_1983489475_n383078_10150494926404530_454970168_n377484_10150494927269530_1848867685_n375247_10150494928929530_684126804_n ztefl_indo  1271823772_teflintl_color adryancafe t207513329 t207513328 SURABA61 SURABA49 P1050891

Where the world is your classroom
TEFL Indonesia


06 05 04 3fortefl 0301 02 1stgroup   IMG_0088 IMG_0087 IMG_0084   IMG_0098







Social Media for TEFL Indonesia


 Friends and Links

Surabaya is an amazing city, but like any large city, it can be difficult to get things done without help. No venture succeeds without the assistance of friends and this is the place where you can meet some of those individuals and groups.

Bridges Surabaya

… Events to bring people cultures and communities together



Jess Kyriss

Western food catering, canapes, cakes, dessert and a great deal more.Fb : delishboulevard, order/inquiry: w.a /sms 082233441084. www.delishboulevard.com


Fort Hays State University

Official Instagram of Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas.  www.fhsu.edu

Living in Indonesia

A reference for expats living in Indonesia(now or in the future)


Schools in Surabaya

List of schools in Surabaya(Daftar Sekolah)

Lonely Planet Guidebook






Why do people join TEFL courses?

There are a few reasons to join a TEFL/TESOL course: need; curiosity; social-interaction; travel and desired lifestyle; government regulations, or perhaps a lack of other options.

You may already be familiar with the following explanation, but it bears repeating. TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and it’s a certification that is required by learning institutions to teach abroad. TESOL is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Need is easy enough to explain. You need a job, or you need a TESOL qualification to get or keep a job. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that qualifications weren’t necessary for most positions and teaching was a way to spend a year or two traveling.  As the need for English became more pronounced and the price for courses and individual lessons increased, so did the expectation and demand that teachers have quantifiable training. Certain positions needed more qualifications. Teachers who had been teaching for a few years realized that they needed a grounding in methodology. Flying by the seat of your pants will only take you so far.

Another reason may be what is beyond the next hill. We imagine life in another place, or just a chance to move to a new city or a different country. We imagine a different climate, a unique culture and a few extra stamps in our passports. What is it like to walk down a street in Cuba, or sip a drink in Miami’s South Beach? A Parisian café, A stroll through a morning market, an afternoon in a Milanese gallery, or photography in Beijing’s hutongs. Perhaps it’s a quick visit to South East Asia’s volcanic islands,  or do sparkling sandy beaches call?

Social interaction is a bit more difficult to define, only because the need is unique for each person. Some need music and close proximity, while some need solitude with others at a manageable distance.  Some want to be a stranger in a strange land, a James Bond or Lara Croft(gender notwithstanding) Others want to mix and blend. They want local colour, and they want to be at caught up in the energy and intensity of the moments they experience.

They are eager to experience how wonderful it can be to meet the many students, children, teenagers, and adult learners and learn what an actual school day is like. What are the routines of an office, or the mysteries or minutia of managing a home in a foreign city? To be able to share and compare. To earn an appreciation for a new life; or a better understanding of life back home. Talk to teachers, shop-owners, police officers, butchers, bakers and fellow risk-takers.

The desire to go beyond the gate begins as soon as we can move.  If we didn’t have that basic need to explore, we likely would have never been born. We get our passport, then we search online travel sites, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook.  We Google volcano, beach, resort, palm tree, desert, mountain, or a tropical paradise. We long for the dance, the ceremony, the song or the solitude. Our reason for travel may be cultural, spiritual, intellectually or educational. We may hope to wear swim suits or anoraks, or at least a smile, in place of our normal attire or attitude.

Government regulations are the ironic glue that holds us all together. Whether you hope to teach or eventually sell pineapple pancakes and mocha-guava coffee smoothies you will need to understand the local red-tape. Visas, banking and eventually building a comfortable life are best done legally.  One of the requirements to teach, in countries that pay a living wage, is a TEFL/TESOL certificate.  The course norms are a recognized certificate that runs for four or five weeks over 120 hours. The course should include methodology and observed teaching practice. It should also be externally moderated. From your side, you want a safe environment, a comfortable place to stay and a cultural experience. In order to get a working visa, potential teachers in Indonesia have to be 25 years of age, have a BA, and have a TESL certificate.

A lack of other options sounds vaguely confrontational, or at least insulting. It’s not meant to be either.  Life is tougher than ever. Jobs are scarce and the prospect of never-ending drudge work is not appealing. Teaching overseas offers adventure, travel, social interaction, cultural exchange, and the chance to learn a language.  Certification may not increase your employment options at home, but it may be a prelude to graduate study or open your eyes to a new career, or perhaps entrepreneurial opportunities. Some teachers choose to stay for a couple of contracts, some move on to other countries, and some of us set roots and make a life here. We wish you luck with whichever path you choose.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.








Surabaya for TEFL Indonesia

Surabaya (for TEFL Indonesia)

Indonesia’s second largest city has become a cultural, and culinary, melting pot.

Here you will eventually discover Malay, Javanese, Madurese, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese and Chinese people.

Some of these are recent additions to the mix, and some are the recent representatives of ethnic groups that have been here for generations.

Moreover you will find these cultures have brought their food and their eclectic taste buds. Add Mexican, Scandinavian, Western fast-food, steaks and a dazzling array of breads, pastries and desserts.

Surabaya has a number of activities available within, and outside of, the city. In the city center there is a BMX/skateboard park, an occasionally available ice-skating rink, go-karting, and a few museums.

There’s a submarine exhibit, and various temples, mosques and churches abound. The City of Heroes (an important staging area for the revolution against Dutch Colonialism) is a large city with ample opportunities for photo-taking and sight-seeing.

The multi-ethnic environment has been a part of Surabaya since the port was established over 700 years ago. Traders brought their wares, their architecture, their bloodlines, their beliefs and their food. You will see a wide variety in the faces that range from Malay, East Asian, and Chinese, Arabian and Indian and all the wonderful combinations.

You’ll note a heady mix of historical and religious architecture from government building, schools, churches, mosques, temples and old shops. Dutch churches sit near to Arabic-inspired mosques. Old Dutch homes share streets with Chinese shophouses (translates as Rumah Toko, although generally called Ruko).

There are also older Colonial hotels and their more modern competition. Each of the larger hotels offers restaurants, bars, Karaoke, nightclubs, swimming pools, and fitness/spa facilities. Smaller budget hotels exist, and there are a growing number of boutique hotels.

Rooming houses, guest houses and backpacker hostels offer budget options. Towering office building and apartment complex now dot a changing city-scape. You can still find open fields and see the occasional grazing cattle or goats.

Becaks (local pedicabs) share the street with motorcycles, vans and the few sports cars that dare the growing traffic.indomap

Surabaya is a remarkably understanding and open city with a history of religious and cultural tolerance. That being said, it is expected that visitors will respect locally-accepted cultural and behavioral attitudes and ways of acting.

Public intoxication, fighting or drug use could result in arrest. The first two could mean a night in jail, dismissal from your job or deportation. Drug use will almost guarantee a longer stay in a local jail. It would not be an ideal way to become a long-term resident.

We’ve recently had a spate of foreigners running out on bar and restaurant tabs. That’s really a poor way to repay your hosts and creates problems for everyone. Surabaya may be large geographically but foreigners comprise a small and visible part of the community. These individuals soon find themselves unwelcome even among other expats.

Surabaya is not an ideal city for walking and there are a few reasons. It’s either too hot or it’s raining. Another reason is that sidewalks (when and where they exist) are badly maintained, and often blocked with a roadside food, drink or whatever cart. A kilometer-long walk is an exercise in patience and agility. Walking is generally an indoor activity and air-conditioned malls offer a variety of ‘trails’ and ‘spots’ to stop, hangout, and chill. (See local attractions)

Once you’ve been here for awhile you will identify some quiet residential areas ideal for walking or jogging. You can also make contact with Surabaya’s chapter of the Hash-house Harriers(http://indohash.com/javaeast.html) This hardy band of ne’er-do-wells plot out hiking trails and set off on adventures most weekends.

For more sedate (sober) adventures there are salsa, aerobics and a variety of language courses available. Surabaya has numerous fitness centers, pools and spas. Some of these are in hotels, some in shopping malls. There are rock climbing walls, and a few tennis and badminton courts. For those of you who are more flush with cash there are golf courses and driving ranges.

Although Surabaya is a coastal city, swim-worthy beaches don’t exist here.  For a day at the beach and a quick dip, cross the Suramadu Bridge into Madura. For swimming, snorkeling or scuba-diving; best to travel to Pasir Putih, near Malang, Jember, Yogyakarta or Karimunjawa. Farther afield there is Bali, Komodo, the Gili islands and Sulawesi. In the event you need medical care or just a checkup; Surabaya has a good range of hospitals, clinics and dentists.

A full range of hospitals, clinics, general practitioners and dentists exists. Alternatively there are traditional methods of reflexology, acupressure and acupuncture. A number of local pharmacies are available. (Locally called apotiks) These range from small stores to large chains like Guardian and Century.

Sometimes getting out of the city is the best medicine. Close to Surabaya are volcanoes, trails for hiking, places to camp, villas for rent and horses to ride (see outside the City of Heroes).













FAQ and course content

TEFL Indonesia

Get certified and teach English. Teach English and see the world.

Please look for answers here, or at least enough information to be able to ask informed questions.



USD 1,790 (excluding accommodation)

1271823772_teflintl_color Program Fees Include

– USD 1,79500 (excluding accommodation)
-Text and workbook provided
-Airport pickup provided
– Accommodation cost ranges from 150 USD to 250 USD per month depending on your preference
– Materials and inputs
– Cost does not cover visa, food or travel to and from candidates point of origin

1271823772_teflintl_color This Program is open to participants


1271823772_teflintl_color Participants Travel


1271823772_teflintl_color Typically Participants Work

in Groups of 5 to 15

1271823772_teflintl_color Application Process Involves

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Resume
  • Written Application

1271823772_teflintl_colorPost Services Include

  • Alumni Network
  • Exit Debriefing Abroad
  • Job and Internship Network

A one month course designed to prepare a teacher for the realities of an ESL/EFL classroom.

120 hours of intensive methodology, language and grammar practice further supported by teaching practice in real school settings.

These practices are observed, giving the trainee the chance to reflect on challenges, learn methods, and build skills needed to be effective teachers.

All TEFL International courses meet current international standards (over 6 hours of practical teaching practice and over 100 hours of classroom time). Our courses make the most of the cultural experiences of our students and provide cultural interaction and learning opportunities for our trainees.

Our Aim:

We work hard to provide a teaching experience that is both memorable and useful. We provide the skills you need to manage a class, and educate your students.

In four weeks students will proceed from methodology and theory to best practices and on the hands-on training.

A large focus of the training is working with students from various ethnic and social backgrounds. Some students come from economically-privileged families while others have not had the advantage of a regular education.

Teaching Techniques

Teaching technique inputs normally cover: language acquisition

Classroom management

Warmers – with peer teaching

Textbook review and evaluation

Controlled practice – with peer teaching

Modeling context and language concepts

Interactive materials

Lesson planning

Listening activities

Songs and chants

Appropriate language

Reading activities

Language in context

Writing activities

Maximizing student-talking time

Minimizing teacher-talking time

Vocabulary development – with peer teaching

Intermediate and content based lessons

Communicative activities

TESOL / TEFL Courses

Teaching young learners

Theater techniques

Feedback and testing

Teaching Practice and Observation

All teachers are expected to perform:

4 hours observing experienced teachers

4 hours observing video of experienced teachers

16 hours of classroom observation

8 hours of individual teaching practice

Materials Project

All trainees must create four sets of materials used during the teaching practice.

The materials including drawings, audio tapes, scripts and others must be produced by the individual trainee, and not be copied from other sources. Two of these sets will be written up in The Portfolio as the Materials Compilation Project including:

Framework of the lesson materials

Usage how and why the materials were used

Critical review of how the materials, and how they could be used in teaching other contexts.

As well each trainee must show that they can use the board to model context and meaning during teaching practice.

Surabaya,East Java,Indonesia

Final Payment

The balance of your course fees (1,790 USD)can be paid by (credit card) Visa, cash or traveler’s checks in USD. All accounts must be settled by the first day of the course. Check the exchange rate offered at www.xe.com/ucc.

Visa and Passport Information

All visitors to Indonesia are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months after arrival date.

Visitors to Indonesia from the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and New Zealand can stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 30 days on a tourist visa.

Visa Regulations / Options (500 words) –

This is the basic 30 day visa required for entry into Indonesia.

Pay-for-visa-on-arrival (VOA) is open for citizens from these nations: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, People’s  Republic of China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Timor Leste, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

You can renew the visa without leaving the country, but will need to leave after 60 days.

Please follow the link for detailed information: http://www.expat.or.id/info/docs.html

To extend your Visa on Arrival requires a visa to the immigration office (2-4 visits are required). The extension application requires:

  • 2 forms (“Formulir untuk perpanjangan pertama visa Sosbud” and “Formulir Perubahan Data Orang Asing”) and a folder. Forms and folder should be free.
  • a Rp 6,000 meterai tax stamp (you can purchase from the post office), or you can use two Rp 3,000 stamps
  • a sponsor’s letter “Surat Permintaan dan Jaminan” saying that they’ll cover your expenses while you are in Indonesia (typed – but no translation is required)
  • copy of the sponsor’s KTP (identity) card
  • Photocopies of your outbound air ticket
  • your departure card (that you received on arrival)
  • original and photocopy of passport front/signature page, and original  visa page, and the pages of any subsequent extensions
  • black pen
  • Rp 250,000 to cover the official cost of the extension. This is paid for each extension. During the extension where you pay for the digital fingerprints and photo, the cost is Rp 265,000 (that time only).

Working in Indonesia

If you are planning on seeking work in Indonesia, please bring along your original diploma and transcripts from College, Technical School or High School, as well as a copy of your birth certificate.

There is great demand for qualified TEFL teachers throughout the world.

TEFL International provides the following services in this area:

• Contact information and details of schools in the region of your choice

• Contact information and details of selected schools worldwide

• Details of selected vacancies available worldwide

• Details of the most popular web sites of TEFL vacancies and information

• Internet access for job searches and on-line applications

• Sessions covering CV preparation, advice about applications and interviews and all available information about teaching conditions in the trainees preferred destinations.

TEFL International has been very successful in assisting our course graduates locate teaching job opportunities and vacancies.

Getting to Surabaya

There is an international airport in Surabaya welcoming direct flights from Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, although more available and inexpensive flights go to Jakarta. From Jakarta, many airlines run inexpensive flights directly to Surabaya, offering breathtaking views of Indonesia’s landscape.These flights cost less than 50 USD one way.

Buses and trains do run from Jakarta to Surabaya, and the twelve-hour ride will cost approximately 10 USD. The train station is just outside of the center of Surabaya. A taxi can take you to the school.

Transportation upon arrival

Your accommodation is available starting on the Thursday before the course begins through the Monday following the final week. We hope you will plan to arrive in Surabaya by Saturday at the latest, as this will give you a chance to relax and get accustomed to your surroundings before the course begins.

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior to the course start date, between 8am and 8pm, we provide transportation from Surabaya airport to your local accommodation. If you are traveling to Surabaya by bus or train during these days, call us prior to boarding and we will pick you up at your scheduled arrival time at the bus station.

For those arriving at any other time please contact us for further details.

Here is the contact information:

Adryan Sutanto

Wayne Duplessis



Important Note  Regardless of your arrival day and time, we ask that you assist us in preparing for all arrivals by providing us with your travel arrangements via email. Please provide accurate phone numbers and email addresses.

Please do so as soon as your travel plans are confirmed and at least one week prior to your scheduled arrival time.  Help us help you by providing this information!

Early Arrivals

If you wish to arrive in Surabaya before the Thursday when your accommodation is available, TEFL International can provide assistance in finding reasonably priced and well located rooms.

Accommodation details

Accommodation in Surabaya will consist of a private room (unless otherwise requested) located either near the school or in an apartment within a five-minute walk to the school. All rooms have a private bath and are clean, comfortable and adequately furnished. All rooms are also located within easy reach of various restaurants, bars, and entertainment sites. You are more than welcome to invite friends or family members to stay in your room during the course – just please let us know as soon as possible. There is a minimal extra charge per additional person per room. Please be assured that any special requests or requirements regarding accommodation will be taken into account, and TEFL Indonesia will make every effort to oblige.

School Location and Facilities

The school building is located in the heart of Surabaya, offering easy access to exploring all the best beaches, entertainment and tourist sites the city has to offer. The building is spacious and comfortable, with large classrooms, whiteboards and complete resource materials. The school phone, and internet facilities are available for trainee use with prior approval from the School Manager. Outgoing mail can be left at the front desk and will be posted the following morning. We simply charge you the same price that the post office charges us.

Training Schedule

The first class will take place Monday morning at 9:30 a.m., at which time we will provide a complete course schedule. Sessions generally run between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. with regular breaks. There will be a welcome meal provided by the school on the first day of the course. Trainees are expected to attend all input and other sessions included on the schedule unless they are sick and require medical treatment. This is particularly important for Teaching Practice (TP) as it is very difficult to arrange alternate TP times.

Course Dress and Requirements

For all input and tutorial sessions at the training location, there are no specific dress requirements, yet we ask that you be mindful of your peers and respectful of the fact that you are a visitor in another country. During Teaching Practice, however, there are specific dress requirements that adhere to the local working culture and basic ideas of professionalism.

All trainees are expected to dress “casually smart” according to the following guidelines:

Women: Shoulders should be covered; sleeveless shirts are acceptable, but very thin straps or tank tops are not. No low-cut necklines or very short skirts. Bare midriffs must not be visible, even when lifting arms up. Open-toed shoes are acceptable except when visiting local schools.

Men: Long pants; no raggedy jeans. Short- or long-sleeved shirt with a collar; a tie is not required. Sandals are acceptable, yet closed shoes are preferred and required when visiting local schools. Long hair should be neatly tied back into a pony-tail. *Note – in the event that we visit local schools for Teaching Practice, please be prepared to dress professionally. Women are to be neatly dressed with covered shoulders and knees, men in long pants and button-down shirts). Only closed-toed shoes will be acceptable for both women and men. No tennis shoes or jeans, please.


Please bring a pen and a notebook for taking notes during class. All relevant course books and materials will be provided, and the school has a large resource library for reference. Photocopying, fax, telephone and Internet facilities are available for use by trainees.

Trainee Post-Course Evaluations

Each trainee will be asked to complete a written evaluation form at the end of the course, which will remain anonymous and confidential. These evaluations are aimed to give trainees the opportunity to provide feedback regarding anything to do with the course, trainers, accommodation, and so forth. In addition, we welcome your open and honest feedback at any stage during the course, so that we can continue to improve the training course and the facilities provided at the training location.

Your thoughts are truly invaluable, so please share them!


In-Town Transportation

The easiest ways to make your way around the city are via OJEK (motorbike taxi), Becak (pedicabs) or BEMO (a small truck-like taxi). The most comfortable way to travel is by air-conditioned taxi. When hiring any of these transport modes, always negotiate and agree to a price before accepting the ride. Cars and motorcycles are available for hire locally. Add Go-Jek App to your phone once you arrive

Drinking Water

Tap water is deemed unsafe to drink in Indonesia, therefore you should only drink bottled water during your stay. Bottled water is very inexpensive and readily available in the school and throughout the city. Ice in hotels and restaurants is always purified and therefore safe. Shopping All types of shopping facilities exist in the city – from international supermarkets and department stores to small shops selling local handicrafts and markets selling fresh produce. No doubt you will find plenty to buy in Surabaya!

Local Weather Conditions

The average climate conditions in Surabaya are tropical throughout the year – hot and humid during the day with cool, temperate breezes at night. The local rainy season lasts from October through April. During this time, heavy tropical rains fall mainly in the late afternoon, yet the remainder of the day offers clear skies and stunning sunsets. Daily highs average 30-34ºC in the hottest months, with a nighttime low of 21ºC. As this description is an average, we highly recommend that you check current weather conditions prior to departure to assist you in your travel preparations.

Get Acquainted!

Beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery, fascinating sights, mountain-hiking, active volcanoes, elephant and rain forest trekking, internationally renowned cuisine, a wide variety of water sports, an intense and pulsating nightlife … Surabaya has something to please everyone! And all can be enjoyed on a reasonable budget, so you should never be bored during your free time.

Before your arrival, we highly recommend you purchase a descriptive guidebook or do some online research to familiarize yourself and get acquainted with Surabaya and all it has to offer.

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Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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