Nightlife, attractions and distractions


Attractions and distractions


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Ever wonder what’s happening at night in Surabaya

Here’s where to find out about the nightlife in Indonesia’s second largest city.

In the present
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Check out the restaurant scene in Java of East Java’s culinary gems, and other marvels

This page is a list of possibilities and perils

That being said … Enjoy

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A plethora of bars, night clubs and discos await the visitor

A potpourri of diversions and distractions are available

“If you don’t keep your s— wired tight at all-times, I guaran G–D— tee you a trip home in a body bag.”

Sgt. Barnes in Oliver Stone’s Platoon

You can go to the movies. There are a lot of theaters in Surabaya. The better ones, best to read that as cleaner and safer, are the Mitra 21 chain. The three best are now at Ciputra World(on Mayjen Sungkono), SUTO’s(Surabaya Town Square and PTC(Pakuwon Trade Center), part of the aptly named SuperMal(no that’s not a typo), next is the Galaxy Mall, then on to the Tunjunang Plaza.

For more active entertainment Surabaya is home to many nightclubs, disco, pubs and Karaoke bars.

Most of the bars have live bands. The music is okay. The musicians are good, as are the singers. Rock on.
The volume may be a concern.

Other venues for high noise levels are shopping malls, especially Surabaya (formally Delta) Plaza on Jalan Pemuda.


Foreplay Surabaya Town Square, 1st Level Unit 118
Nightclub, Pub
Combinations of live bands, dancers, and DJs.

Eclectic Pub & Lounge
Surabaya Town Square, Level P-19
(Jl. Adityawarman No. 55), Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60264, Indonesia
Pub, Wine Bar, Lounge

Colors Pub on Jalan Sumatra The food’s good, and beer is cheap and it’s cold. The band is usually a bit loud and the service is good.

Lido’s is on Mayjen Sungkono, across from the Happy Puppy Karaoke and next to the Kodak photo studio. The music is good and the food is quite good.

The Tavern in the Hotel Bumi(formerly the Hyatt) Good food, usually a decent band.
A lot of unattached ladies.

The bar at the Elmi Hotel
Bring a jacket or sweater. It’s quite cool due to an over-active AC.
The Elmi also has one of the nicer swimming pools in Surabaya.

Discos and Nightclubs

(Truthfully, I don’t know the difference)

Jimmy’s in the Mariott (formerly the Westin) Hotel.

It’s a bit pricey with a Rp 50,000 cover charge, but the band and the young crowd made for a good night out.

Desperados A Mexican restaurant and nightclub in the Shangri-La Hotel JL. May. Jend. Sungkono 120 Surabaya 60256 Indonesia T: (62 31) 566 1550 F: (62 31) 566 1570

Portofino’s is an Italian restaurant(which hosts a Sunday martini brunch) Hours Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10.30pm Sunday Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm in the Shangri-La Hotel

JAMOO is the hotel’s all-day cafe and restaurant. Enjoy Asian and Continental dishes in the restaurant’s sleekly designed dining room or out on the outdoor terrace. The showcase buffets include a variety of antipasti, sushi, a hot pot and noodles section, a Chinese wok station, and an extensive array of dessert specialities such as Ice Cream Teppanyaki, a flowing chocolate fountain and, a variety of traditional Jamu choices in the Shangri-La Hotel

Kowloon’s On the fourth floor, in the parking garage of Delta Plaza


The Rocks

Jln.HR Muhammad

Open everyday 1:00pm

A good selection of Western and Indonesian food in a very modern and comfortable setting

Good beer

Beer, and mixed drinks

A fish pond with the biggest catfish you’ll ever see

Seating indoors and outdoors

Served hot at affordable prices


Jl Darmo Permai Selatan V/16 (031)7312709 Chinese and Seafood

Food Court 5th floor Tunjunang Plaza A variety of Indonesian and Western fast food.

Pizza Hut in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, PTC, right on Maygen Sungkono

McDonald’s in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, right on Mayjen Sungkono, and at Delta Plaza

KFC in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, and Delta Plaza

Malay Village in PTC and Suto’s
Great food, and a good place to get vegetarian dishes.

Cafe Pisa near Hartono Electric, just after Papaya supermarket on the way to Supermal/PTC

Excelso’s (Coffee bar and cafe)

Serves decent snack food, including club sandwiches.
Image source
They have great coffee, and darn good ice-cream.
Try the Pearl tea!
Beer is reasonably priced and cold. Located in Suto’s(Surabaya Town Square) PTC(the Supermal)Tunjunang Plaza, Ciputra World, Galaxy Mall, and Delta Plaza.

Guilin Restaurant
Serving Authentic Chinese and Sea Food
One of the nicer restaurants in Surabaya. A quiet, pleasant place with a nice range of well-prepared Chinese and Seafood dishes. Located at #34 Jl. Musi. (next to Gelora Pancasila)

Studio Food Court Near Cinema in PTC/Supermal/Pakuwon Indah. A variety of Indonesian and Western fast food.

G-Walk near Citraland.
More a selection of places strung along a pleasant street.

You’ll find many things to enjoy about this place. Just use your head.

I have lived here since 1996 because I love this place and its people. Indonesians are generous, warm and intelligent people.Any society has it’s dark side. This page represents a hint of that duality.

Proceed carefully.


Be Aware, be safe.


If you have any questions or comments, email TEFL Indonesia
If you want to be listed, contact TEFL.

You will see the information around as it has been liberally borrowed for use on other sites.  C’est la vie.

An important note from the management:

This page is a list of possibilities and perils. Please view this as equal parts caveat and endorsement.

That being said … Enjoy

Annoyances … things that make you go grrrrrrr

STOP ! Before YOU read any further Accept that sections of this one page are not a flattering, nor a complete, portrayal of Surabaya. It does not, nor is it meant to; reflect the entirety of Indonesian society. I have lived here for a few years because I love this place and its people. Indonesians are generous, warm and intelligent people. Any society has its dark side. This page represents a hint of that duality.

You will always be judged by a different standard.

You are living in a fish bowl.

Accept it, and act accordingly.

Now listen closely Sparky; this is a foreign country. If you go to jail, don’t expect your family lawyer, your mommy or the A-TEAM to come riding to your rescue.

Enjoy yourself, just be careful. Be Aware, be safe. Taxis are the best way to travel. Bluebird Taxi, Oreng Taxi and Silver taxi are your best choices Ride-sharing services exist in the major cities. Grab, Uber and Gojek. Add the apps to your phone once you arrive in Indonesia

Add the apps to your phone once you arrive in Indonesia

I like this place, but just use your head.

If you have any questions or comments, email me. If you want to be listed, contact me. If you have a concern about my opinion: contact me, or change my view with good service.
















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